Kattamuri S. Sarma

Kattamuri S. Sarma, PhD, is an economist and statistician with 30 years of industry experience in, including tenure at IBM and AT&T. He is the founder and president of Ecostat Research Corp., a consulting firm specializing in predictive modeling, forecasting and training professionals and SAS programmers. Over the years, Dr. Sarma has developed predictive models for the banking, insurance, telecommunication, and technology industries. He has extensive experience with multivariate statistical methods, econometrics, decision trees, and data mining with neural networks. He is the author of numerous professional papers and publications. He received his bachelor's degree in mathematics and his master's degree in economic statistics from universities in India. Dr. Sarma received his PhD in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, where he worked under the supervision of Nobel Laureate Lawrence R. Klein.

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