Scorecards for rating commercial loans
  Customer level profitability analysis
  Demographic profiles of customer segments
  Cross-selling analytics
  Price optimization
  Telemarketing test design
  Multivariate statistical analyses of numerous marketing test results using multivariate statistical methods (CHAID, Logistic Regression, discriminant analysis and factor analysis, etc.)
  Customer profiling and scoring
  Logistic regression,classification and regression trees for segmentation and profiling
  Derivatives pricing

We also build statistical and econometric models, some of which have included the following:

   Price elasticity models
  Brokerage attrition
  Consumer response
  Balance forecasting
  Analyzed customer response to promotional rates of high yield savings, and predicted sensitivity to rate changes.   Decision Tree Cross-Sell Models for customer segmentation
  In-bound telephone call volume forecasting model (for work force planning)
  Survival functions
  Proportional Hazards Models
  Decision Trees, Neural Networks, and Generalized Linear Models to predict risk profiles

We’re also Above all else, in statistical programming, and are often called upon to develop SAS Programming solutions:

  Data management
  Automation and Macros
  Multiple environments

Our Experience in Econometric Modeling and Forecasting

  Forecast changes in the balances of various products
  Time series models to predict credit card customer balances
  High frequency forecasting models using structural time series methods
  Econometric equations for the consumer sector of a macro econometric model of the US economy
  International trade forecasting system using inter-related demand functions.
  The econometric linkage of national economic models to predict international repercussions of fiscal and monetary policy changes in the U.S and Europe.
  Macro econometric models for Europeaneconomies.
  Flexible Input-Output Models for forecasting market potential in seventy-six industries.

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